Eastwood, Quezon City, Philippines

        Multi-level Marketing companies in the Philippines continue to rapidly emerge. The MLM industry is thriving and booming, and the contribution it provides to the country‚Äôs
economy is tremendous. It has also become very common to hear stories of individuals, young and old, professionals, affluent or otherwise, who have reached tremendous, incredible success.
Yet, to many, the quest continues to look for a company that can offer a complete package:
  1. Stability, experience, competence and leadership;
  2. Highly consumable and reasonably priced products;
  3. Fabulous Business Plan;
  4. Empowering trainings and recognition program;
  5. Strong support system;
  6. Quick response mechanism to address concerns; and
  7. Commitment to fairness, service and excellence.

        Finally, with the entry of WINNERS AND INDEPENDENT NETWORKERS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (W1N INTERNATIONAL) in the MLM arena, the search is finally over.            

        W1N International, a company conceived by leaders who have expertise and experiences in diverse fields – Network Marketing, Manufacturing, Overseas Cash
Remittances, Medicine, Motivational Trainings, Sales and Advertising- has answered the call to provide that need for a complete package.

        W1N surely is a company for those who are passionate about Network Marketing; for people who have big dreams; and for those who believe they are born WINNERS!


To become a leading God fearing, principle centered MLM Company providing affordable, high quality health, wellness and beauty products, excellent services and
business opportunity to members and consumers in the Philippines and around the globe.

To become the number one MLM Company in the Philippines in providing opportunities to OFWs to return home and live a happy, healthy and prosperous life with
their families.


  1. To help in poverty alleviation.
  2. To provide an opportunity for our members and consumers to become  more beautiful, healthy and wealthy.
  3. To bring the most number of  OFWs  back to their families in the Philippines.
  4. To develop our members’ personality, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership abilities in order to reach their maximum potential through trainings and
    life changing educational programs.
  5. To be an equal opportunity provider for those who want to earn and achieve more in life…

Core Values


*TO ALWAYS APPLY THE 4W FORMULA: WIN for the Company, WIN for WINBCs, WIN for Distributors, WIN for the Consumers.